Our curriculum is designed according to the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide, with the adoption of a play-based approach to provide children with a comprehensive, balanced learning experience that meets the needs of their development. A variety of project activities and picture books are incorporated into teaching to enhance children’s language skills and promote active learning. Children are given sufficient time every day to participate in musical, physical and free choice activities. We also teach moral values to children in a fun, relaxing way during the morning assembly to promote their whole-person development.

Learn through Play

Placing the “theme-based approach”, “project approach” and “picture-book approach” at the core of our teaching, we design a rich variety of integrated activities for children to learn through play, and to trigger their learning motivation and nurture in them an exploratory mind.

Biliteracy and Trilingualism

We focus on developing children’s biliterate and trilingual competence. To build a strong foundation for children’s language development, we have hired native English-speaking teacher and professional Putonghua teacher. Play-based activities, role-playing, nursery rhymes and stories are incorporated into the classes to develop children’s interests in learning English and Putonghua.

Moral Education

With an emphasis on promoting children’s affective and social development, we have been joining hands with the Education Bureau and tertiary institutions to develop positive characters and values in children. The “3Es Scheme” seeks to teach children about emotions and develop their emotional management skills, empathy and self-control skills, thus help them establish healthy relationship with others. Stories with moral messages are introduced in the morning assembly and are incorporated in each grade’s curriculum, supported with the “My Pledge to Act – Be grateful and treasure what we have, stay positive and optimistic” scheme and a range of moral development activities, to help children develop positive values, such as gratitude, positivity, caring for society, respect and responsibility.

Environmental Education

We promote environmental education through project activities, picture books and group activities, so as to educate children about the importance of protecting the environment and natural resources, increase their awareness of environmental protection, and eventually guide them to live a green life.

Physical Activities

We allow children to have sufficient time for physical activities everyday. Children are provided with a spacious and comfortable area for taking part in collaborative, creative and manipulative physical activities. A wide range of physical activity equipment and tools are also provided to allow children to engage in activities that meet their abilities and interests, develop different physical skills, attain a healthy physical and mental development, and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills.